Khakshir Darwish

Khakshir, also known as Khakshi, is an annual or biennial plant of the genus Boyan that grows in the plains and mountains. The seeds of this plant, which is known to all people as khakshir, are small and slightly elongated and are found in two colors, red and dark reddish brown.

Jahrom Behin Asa Company has a long history (excellent, good) in the production of spices, beans, nuts, etc. and this product, like other products of this company, has a high quality. This product is also very easy to use and you can prepare a tasty and full of properties syrup in a short time with the help of these small seeds.

Khakshir Darvish is one of the products of Jahrom Behin Asa Company, which can provide you with a very tasty syrup with high healing properties.



Properties of Darwish sorrel;

1- quenching thirst

One of the most well-known properties of sorrel is water supply to the body and quenching thirst. When you eat sorrel, these seeds absorb water in the digestive tract up to several times their capacity and gradually deliver this water to the body.

2- Treatment of heatstroke

Heat treatment is one of the most important properties of sorrel, which has made it a popular drink for the summer season. Consumption of sorrel lowers body temperature and plays an effective role in preventing heatstroke.

3- Treatment of fatty liver:

Sorghum has natural diuretic properties that help detoxify and cleanse the liver and is effective in treating liver diseases such as fatty liver.

4- Treatment of colds and fever:

Sorghum has antibacterial and antiviral properties and helps the body fight diseases such as colds. It is also cold in nature.

5- Eliminate facial pimples:

Sorghum has antibacterial properties, cleanses the skin and eliminates pimples.

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