about us

Jahrom Behin Asa Company was established in 2011 with the aim of supporting consumers and creating jobs in Jahrom city located in Fars province.

This company inaugurated its food production and packaging factory in 2016 using the most advanced and up-to-date equipment and production and packaging machines in a land area of 5000 square meters located in Jahrom industrial town with the presence of a group of elders. Appeared.

Jahrom Behin Asa Company started its activity initially by packing all kinds of hand-picked beans and pasteurized spices, which has become much wider with increasing efforts.

Quality control unit and laboratory

Jahrom Behin Asa always considers itself obliged to carry out strict control and monitoring measures

All products are produced and packaged in a completely hygienic environment after approval by the quality control unit and using advanced technologies and benefiting from committed experts and employees.

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The activities of Jahrom Behin Asa Quality Control Unit are as follows:

1- Control of input raw materials

2- Control of all production lines and warehouses

3- Sanitary control of production halls and warehouses

4- Personal health control of personnel

5- Controlling the arrangement of products in warehouses and halls

6- Controlling the humidity of the hall

7- Formulation of new goods

8- Obtaining standards for manufactured products

9- Performing physical, chemical and microbial tests

10- Preparing and controlling all checklists

Laboratory unit

Jahrom Behin Asa Company's laboratory unit, with its experienced personnel and specialized experts, as well as having a large part of the necessary devices and equipment for measuring food products, performs activities such as physical, chemical and microbial tests, and finally approves the direction. Exports the production process.


Jahrom Behin Asa Company sells products that include; It offers all kinds of spices, beans, flour, cereals, dried vegetables, nuts, cake powder and all kinds of jelly powder and beverage powder with Darvish and Cesar brands.

Our capabilities


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Export unit


Distribution and distribution


creativity and innovation

our goals

Company policy

Jahrom Behin Asa Company, using its professional and experienced staff, intends to take an effective step by updating its production lines in accordance with international standards in order to provide quality products, improve productivity in the domestic system, flourish the regional economy and create employment. .

We are proud to take steps to achieve the following goals:

1- Presenting safe and health-oriented products.

2 - Production and presentation of products with the highest quality based on customer needs

3- Variety in products in order to cover all tastes

4- Presence in new domestic and international markets

5 - Observance of quality and health requirements in accordance with international standards

6- Training and upgrading the scientific level and capability of human resources

7- Carrying out scientific research, using precise control processes and supplying the highest quality raw materials in order to ensure the health of products.

8- Using creativity in order to present products and create a healthy lifestyle

9- Constant interaction with customers in order to provide products and services according to their needs and nature