Omani Darwish Lemon

Omani lemon is a dried fruit that is used as a seasoning in Middle Eastern cuisine, especially Iranian. Fresh Omani lemon is mustard-colored and very sour, and it is dried in the sun until it turns black inside. Its outer shell color is from yellow-brown to black and it is used as a spice in food. Darwish Omani lemon is crushed and served properly.

Omani lemon is commonly used in cooking Iranian stews. They are pierced, crushed or chopped before pouring into the food to absorb more of the flavor.

Sometimes they are used as crushed powder or kernels.


Properties of Darwish Omani lemon

1- An excellent source of vitamin D.

The high levels of vitamin D in black lemon reduce the risk of osteoporosis by strengthening the bones and help strengthen muscles and teeth.

2- Strengthening the immune system

Omani lemon due to its high amounts of vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system and reduces the risk of viral infections.

3- Heart health

Omani lemon due to its high amounts of potassium helps reduce high blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by strengthening the heart muscle.

4- Detoxification of intestines

Omani lemon helps to detoxify and cleanse the intestines due to its high amounts of vitamin C and also due to its natural antimicrobial properties.

5- Cancer prevention

Some lemongrass compounds reduce cell division in many cancer cells and reduce the risk of cancer.

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